Toni Harris, known as “The Turnaround Queen” and guest host for this month’s Twice Tips, swears by email marketing. She identifies three reasons why it’s so effective at reaching your target audience:

It’s Here To Stay — Email remains one of the communication tools used most often. Studies show that 91 percent of email users check their inbox at least once daily ( and that 48 percent use mobile devices or smartphones to check email (

Why not use email to put your message in front of users, rather than hoping that it’s conveyed via social media? Email marketing complements social media to ensure reaching your target audience.

The Top-of-Mind Effect — Although every email may not be opened, each is delivered with your branding as sender or, in the subject line, a gentle reminder to your subscribers that you’re in business. It’s a passive method to alert prospects that you’re available for them whenever they need you, your products or services.

Own It — If a social media platform you utilize disappeared tomorrow, how would you maintain contact with your connections? When you have compiled an email list of them, you own your list. Grow it gradually by ensuring that you capture emails with every new secured connection. Also, commission an email marketing service, such as Constant Contact, to expand that list with helpful tools.

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