The web inundates us with information, some of it useful. Sadly, much is not. Many articles are incorrect or simply repetitive. To stand out, your content should offer value so people will build trust with your brand. Ask these questions before posting a video or blog:

  1. Is it relevant to your target audience? Your posting may be relevant to your industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s relevant to your consumers. For instance, at Twice Media, we’re in the digital marketing and video production industries, so we stay up to date on the latest trends. If a new, revolutionary camera is released, we’re excited. But our clients don’t care what kind of camera we use. They just want to know whether we can use it to solve their problem, tell their story and help them build trust with their ideal consumer. We make sure that content we post is helpful to them and not just interesting to us.
  2. Does it add value to their lives? Ask yourself whether your post solves your customers’ problems, entertains them or teaches them something new. Avoid flooding them with information for the sake of posting a blog or video. Focus instead on creating in-depth, usable content that they can share with their networks. Think quality over quantity.
  3. Has it already been said? Customers don’t need to see a blog that says what many others on the web do. To create relevant, valuable and enjoyable content, look for creative approaches to topics. Visit sites such as to see what topics are trending and what influencers are saying. When you know what’s popular, you can reframe the conversation and add your own spin.