If you’re a digital marketer, most of your campaigns likely include some video component. While it’s important to create engaging content and choose the right distribution channels, you should  make sure that you have the proper measurement tools. Below are some of the most important metrics you should track to determine how successful your campaigns are.

Watch Time

This is important because it’s the clearest data point that shows how engaging your content is. Is your content relevant? Is your distribution channel fitting to the target customer? If you’re creating relevant content and getting the right eyes on it, your watch time should be above average. If not, consider adjusting how you’re reaching customers.


While this may seem obvious, you should pay close attention to the number of views. Yes, this tells you how many people watched. But it also provides data week over week or month over month and details growth of your video views. You can often track an increase in views to an increase in leads or conversions/sales. If fewer and fewer people are watching your digital videos, change the content.


Understanding the number of overall views is important, but knowing how many are by new and returning viewers helps when constructing your campaign. If you’re attracting only new viewers, you have great distribution, but the content isn’t necessarily relevant to your viewer. If all viewers are returnees, the content is a fit, but you should rethink your channel. If you’re just starting to build your digital video library of content, aim for a 50-50 split.

All these metrics are easily trackable using Google Analytics’ free tool. If you’re using YouTube.com, metrics are already surfaced viaVid its analytics tool in your account information.