Influencers and large companies compete constantly for their users’ eyes. Attracting more views of content produced by your brand leads to greater customer loyalty and brand recognition, and ultimately to higher sales and increased revenue.

Below are mobile video apps that will help you create and distribute video. The focus here is on video quality and on channels that help to reach the widest audience.

YouTube — Having YouTube on your mobile device is a must. It allows you to consume video and post on a moment’s notice. There are no time restrictions, but remember that mobile video is consumed best in short bursts.

Vine — Vine works hand in hand with Twitter. Its videos have a six-second time limit, so creators must tell a story very quickly. Vine is perfect for mobile consumption. Here’s one produced recently by Nike Soccer.

Flipagram — Engaging and great fun to use, Flipagram launched in November 2013, and not many companies have picked up on it. You can take videos or photos and add a favorite soundtrack. Producing one of less than 30 seconds averts copyright infringement.

Using these apps will help you build a robust video library to share across all social media channels and promote your brand with unique content.