Welcome back, storytellers! This week, we continue reviewing the power of multimedia mobile applications such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat. With these, you can create and distribute micro-videos anytime and anywhere.

Instagram Stories provides brands and individuals a way to post content more often without overwhelming recipients’ feeds. Use Stories or Snapchat to sell, engage or teach. Let’s look at how brands use such platforms to sell.

According to data from TrackMaven, brands have seen bigger growth in followers over the past year on Instagram than on any other social channel. If you have a sizable and engaged Instagram following, using Stories to sell is a great idea.

You can extend the marketing message of an upcoming sale with interesting visual content. Major brands such as J.Crew are expanding their interactive Instagram presence to help attract an audience that will be alerted to the Story in its home feeds or profile visits. That gives J.Crew another way to boost awareness of a promotion, sale or new product.

Video offers endless opportunities to sell your product or service creatively. Remember to create memorable content. When you have only a few seconds to make your point clear, you must be memorable. Don’t be afraid to stand out with positive, brand-building content. Tell the public who you are and what you stand for.

Next week, we’ll discuss the importance of engagement and how micro-video can connect you with your audience. Remember: Connection is key!