If you become an expert in your field, you’ll have a competitive advantage that helps to promote a healthy brand image. Building an audience and inspiring it to take action will be easier.

Video should be central in positioning yourself an expert. Instead of pitching a product in one, think about what kind of value you can deliver to customers. The more you deliver, the more they will see you as an expert.

Incorporating such video into a weekly email campaign lets you leverage your email list grown over time and build your brand in a healthy way. If you don’t have a list, request emails the first time someone uses your services. Here are ways that different industries can use videos to position themselves as experts and thought leaders:

  • Hardware — If you’re a hardware company, do a short video on finishing floors. People now spend more and more money on do-it-yourself home improvement. Helping them complete a task they’ve wanted to do for a while helps to earn their trust.
  • Plant Nursery — Outdoor gardening is expanding quickly nationwide. Consider creating videos that detail when to plant, how to care for plants and when to harvest fruits and vegetables. These educational videos position you as a gardening expert.
  • Beauty — If you’re a hairstylist, create a video offering some of your favorite hair-care tips. These could best ways to treat loose ends and to color and braid hair at home. Arm customers with information they can apply to themselves, and when they need a haircut, they’ll come to you.

No matter your industry, creating video always has value. Think about questions customers ask you most often, and use that as inspiration to create videos. Whether you have an existing email list or are starting to build one, Twice Media can help you set up an account with Constant Contact to stay in touch with customers and remain top of mind.