Corporate sales videos can be powerful tools when marketing to your customers. Videos are an effective way to highlight the benefits of your product or service. No matter what you’re selling, always follow these established methods when planning a sales video with your producer:

  • Strong Title — So the viewer knows what to expect, it’s important to have a relevant, clear title that reflects the purpose of the video. For instance, a title that starts “How to” suggests a tutorial or informational video and doesn’t indicate that you’re introducing a new product or service. [Watch Episode 58 of Twice Tips this week to learn three strong title examples from guest host Jonathan Sprinkles.]
  • The Hook — Every day, viewers are inundated with content competing for their attention. Your video must have a clear, strong hook that grabs attention and makes viewers want to see or know more. The hook should be delivered within the first five seconds, or you might lose the viewer.
  • Engagement — Once the hook is established, maintain viewers’ attention by keeping the video short and consumable. The best length for a corporate video is 60 to 90 seconds. Be sure to include interesting facts in the first half.
  • The Talent — Choosing the right person to deliver the message is crucial. He or she must speak energetically and smile. Most of all, the messenger should be comfortable and natural on camera.

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