It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close. This week, we revisit our favorite episodes this year. As analytics show us, they happen to be your favorites, too. Take a few minutes to look back with us and brush up on these insights as you launch your strategy for 2017.

Episode 48: Attract More Customers With Twitter Video

Explore the best way to squeeze a story into 140 characters — or less! Learn why video is the most engaging content you can share on Twitter and which four types to tackle. For a complete social-media video boot camp, group these skills with those in Episode 73, Using Instagram Stories to Sell on Social Media, which didn’t make our Top Five list.

Episode 50: Immerse Your Customers in 360 Video

Videos have different styles. They don’t have to be straightforward interviews, and using 360 videos can keep you on the cutting edge. These can be tricky though. In this episode, learn tactics and tools you’ll need to capture and use 360 video.

Episode 58: Top Ways to Increase Sales With Video

Here we cover methods for planning and executing corporate sales videos. Learn the best ways to attract and maintain the attention of your audience.

Episode 67: Could You Be Sued For Posting That Video?

In it, we taught you how to stay out of the line of fire when creating videos. Learn the meaning of “copyright” with advice from attorney Heather Kubiak.

Episode 76: To Impress Google, Think of It as Your Professor

This gave you the insider’s scoop on how to increase your search ranking on Google organically. Learn why creating compelling content that accurately targets your audience can improve your search results.

We hope you’ve had a productive year, and we wish you great success in 2017!