Video became essential for every major marketing campaign when television debuted in American homes in the last century. Its importance soared with the internet revolution two decades ago.

Now, as the web connects the world more quickly every year and smartphone cameras become more sophisticated, video is even more important. Here are five of the most effective video campaigns online:


The cuteness factor explodes in this one. With nearly 30 million views of videos shot on Android devices, Google has attracted far more attention than it could have expected from something like this. The video conveys a strong, feel-good emotion to people worldwide and aligns that with its brand. You can’t ask for a more successful video campaign.


With 70 million views on YouTube and countless more on television, this may be one of the most successful video campaigns ever. Always, a brand of feminine hygiene products, created it as a commercial aired during Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 to highlight what doing something “like a girl” means.

It depicts young girls and boys and their perceptions of that phrase. Emotionally charged, it strives to change the meaning of “like a girl.”


Seeking to appeal to tech-savvy individuals, Intel profiles a young man creating technology that’s changing the world. This short documentary and its emotional music appeal to a younger generation in one of a series of videos profiling young-adult makers. The videos have been viewed tens of millions of times.


Showing real-time footage of a firefighter with a GoPro camera attached to his helmet, this video has it all. He finds an unresponsive kitten in a house fire, carries it outside, places a tiny oxygen mask on its face and it revives. GoPro could not have asked for better advertising footage. It’s emotional, a great demonstration of video quality and unforgettable. With nearly 36 million views, this video will continue to pay dividends for the company.


If you can tell which brand created a video even before its name or products are mentioned, you know that branding for that campaign is spot on. Dove created a female-centric, empowering video that touches on choices and emotions dealt with daily by women of all ages. This video’s goal is to empower women and encourage them to feel strong and beautiful no matter what.