As mobile security becomes an increasingly critical issue in the digital sphere, Tiffany provides valuable tips to keep your data and device secure. According to Norton by Symantec, the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) shows that 38 percent of smartphone users were victims of cybercrime in 2013.

The Basics

Create a password and lock your device when not in use. This prevents intruders from accessing it when not in your possession, and it protects your privacy. Do not disseminate personal information via Short Message Service (SMS) or email, the top two entry points for identity theft.

The Backup

Encrypt data to mitigate risk of loss. After encryption, backing up data is the next critical tool in your arsenal. Given the fragile nature of devices, behind-the-scenes encryption and backup to a cloud or storage application like Dropbox or Google Drive can ensure easy retrieval of lost data. Also, perform regular updates of, and synchronization to, your operating system and software to ensure maximum performance.

The Back End

Intruders and attackers seek weak entry points via broadband or Internet connections when trying to invade your mobile device on the back end. When not in use, turn off Wi-Fi network access on your device and Bluetooth. When using complimentary Wi-Fi connections or hot spots, avoid logging into secure sites. After transactions on e-commerce sites, make sure to log off after each session.

The Break-in

Another entry point for attackers is via suspicious or malicious communications. Never open an email, attachment or link from an unknown sender. Never download applications from untrusted or unverified sources.

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