As the number of smartphone users continues to increase, it’s important that marketers find ways to reach consumers wherever they are. SMS, or text message marketing, is fast, cost-effective and puts brands at their prospects’ fingertips.

Build Brand Loyalty

After customers and prospects sign up to receive text alerts, a brand can send notices of members-only deals, flash sales, discounts and more. Studies show that customers are likely to become repeaters if they have a positive experience with a company and/or receive a benefit or reward to return to the store or make a subsequent purchase.

Generate Brand Interest and Leads

To attract attention to traditional marketing campaigns, such as billboards, posters or even digital ads, brands can invite potential customers to complete a survey or enter a contest via an SMS keyword.

As potential customers quickly and easily opt in to receive messages and alerts, their personal information can be captured in a database for inclusion in a list of prospects. This information, which can include name, location, email and even a birthday, can be leveraged for future communications and, ultimately, sales at the end of the buying cycle.

Increase Engagement

Once a brand or company secures prospects’ personal information, how does it maintain engagement? The invitation to obtain this information can be packaged as a company’s desire to send communications of most value to customers based on unique needs and preferences. Thereafter, this information can be stored in a database in which unique codes and hyperlinks are assigned to each subscriber.

After this assignment, the company can continue two-way communication by requesting additional information or sending promotions or information most relevant to customers. This can include text coupons, sales alerts linked to their local store and more.