Twice Tips concludes this month’s advice by listing the top three mobile channels to help you market business to users of mobile devices. Statistics show that these devices are checked as many as 200 times a day, according to a Smart Insights study.

Email, social media and directional navigation are common ways of using mobile devices throughout the day. Why not leverage mobile marketing to put your brand in front of your target audience?

Brand or Company Website

In the digital age, having a mobile-compatible website is critical to making your brand successful. The more user-friendly and functional your website, the more likely a prospective customer is to do business with you. Google offers a service to check your website’s level of compatibility with mobile devices. Test it here.

Social Media Apps

Because so many social media websites are accessible via apps on mobile devices, business owners must capitalize on this trend. Most social media networking sites are free, and some require a nominal fee to get started.

“Websites will soon act as only a complement to mobile apps and [Internet-powered] software[;] all of your favorite stores and Websites have apps,” Sabrina Peterson told Black Enterprise magazine in May. She is founder of Glam University, described on its website as “where [business-minded] women become successful colleagues . . . and receive [one-on-one] business attention.”

Peterson added, “You spend so much money on lead nurturing, email campaigns, and on social media building your following, but if you were able to take that same following and have them download your app, you are able to quickly communicate and convert your following into paying customers.”


Forty-five percent of email opens occurred on mobile devices, according to an Adestra report in March. Email marketing is an effective way to engage clients and prospects, and to ensure that your target audience receives your message via tracking and metrics tools.

Bonus Tip: Short Messaging Service (SMS) texting grown explosively in the last decade as mobile marketing’s popularity soared. With the advent of smartphones, text messages can be as effective as email in reaching your target audience. SMS texts can be used for flash sales, contests and more.

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