Houston, Texas | April 20, 2015 — Region 4 Alternative Certification Program announces today that its new name and direction for the company is Inspire Texas. Twice Media Productions teamed with Region 4 to create a visual content marketing campaign for the launch, including videos and images that communicate the company’s branding initiative.

The unveiling also includes a new logo, website and other related media. Although the company’s core mission remains the same, according to their website, the new brand signifies updated messaging that focuses on “inspiring future teachers, future administration and future world-changers (students)” through their efforts to improve education in Texas.

“We are excited to unveil our new name and refreshed look. As a premier educator certification program in Texas since 1990, we are proud to offer the most innovative and comprehensive alternative certification program for educators who believe in making a significant difference in the lives of students.”

— Rene Ruiz, Ed.D., director, Inspire Texas

The video campaign, started in October 2013, includes 10 videos that show various aspects of the rebranding initiative.

“From a marketing perspective, creating video content to connect with customers has proven to be highly effective. [TMP] will always be our first point of contact whenever we need to make an intangible service feel tangible to our customers. We now relate to current and potential customers in ways that traditional advertising simply could not do alone.”

— Jasmine McKnight, marketing specialist, Inspire Texas

The entire video gallery, which includes testimonial videos, a behind the scenes video, and a logo reveal video, can be viewed above and by visiting the new Inspire Texas website at

Contact: Tiffany L. Williams, Twice Media Productions, LLC


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