This week on Twice Tips, Tiffany provides advice on planning your marketing and social media activities for 2016. With the new year just around the corner, are you and your brand ready? This last month of 2015 offers a great opportunity to assess successes and failures during the year.

Create a Content Calendar

Plan special events, holidays and other activities throughout 2016 as a framework for your marketing activities. Your calendar functions as a flexible foundation that can be amended and grown yearlong. Need help launching this project? Social Media outlines digital tools to help you capture ideas.

Create Scheduled Posts or Automated Social Media

Don’t have time to stay on top of all platforms available to market your business digitally? Social media automation tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Crowdfire are user-friendly applications that assist with planning and scheduling social media posts.

Create Visual Content

Not a graphic designer? With emergence of technology and free apps, you can create beautiful, professional designs to complement your marketing copy. Try Canva, which is available on Mac OS and Android OS. Then you can incorporate these designs into a professional email marketing template and schedule emails in advance for 2016.

Overall, make sure you incorporate market intelligence into your strategy for the new year — what worked, and what didn’t work? Assessing past performance is your best tool to prepare for future success.

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