This week on Twice Tips, host Tiffany Williams provides more advice on excellent tools to help streamline efficiency and maximize productivity. As a business owner, time is one of your most valuable resources, and Gmail’s Boomerang extension is a great help in taking control of your inbox.

Scheduling Feature

Boomerang allows you to schedule emails, an optimal feature for busy business owners who compose emails at odd times, often outside working hours. It allows you to schedule sending emails at the most efficient time for recipients.

Read Receipts

How many of us have composed lengthy emails to an important contact and then wondered after a significant amount of time whether they were opened? With Boomerang, as you scroll your inbox, you can request “read receipts” to see who’s reading your emails.

If you need to resend an email to someone who doesn’t respond after a certain amount of time, Boomerang automatically sends a follow-up email to that person so that you, as the sender, are top of mind.

Bounce-Back Emails

Boomerang can schedule incoming emails to enter your inbox later. How many times have you received a non-urgent email that was left unopened and then became lost among all subsequent emails?

Boomerang allows you to click on the email and schedule a time for it to return to your inbox marked “unread” so you can address it when convenient. How cool is this way to tame your inbox?

Mobile Access

Boomerang allows a convenient, user-friendly way of scheduling messages while using a mobile device on the go.

The extension is super easy to install and compatible with Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It’s also available for Outlook and Android OS as a downloadable application via Google Play. For more information, click here.

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