As business owners, we constantly seek tools to streamline efficiency and maximize productivity. Time is among our most valuable resources, and constant bombardment by distractions depletes resources that could be better allocated to our business.

This month, Twice Tips introduces great new applications that help business owners save both time and resources. offers a life-changing email solution that helps you take charge of your mailbox. allows your removal from email lists with one click. Sync this service to your email, and it compiles a list of all your subscriptions so you can choose to stay or unsubscribe! grabs all your desired content from lists you have chosen and combines them in a digest as a single email. Thereafter, you can decide what time of day to receive this one, clean and easy-to-read email. Thumbnails are included to allow skimming for quick identification of what’s most pertinent for your business.

The content of this email digest is then categorized and stored in a branded rollup folder for ease of access and search.

Bonus tip: Exclude time-sensitive emails from your digest to ensure that critical emails remain separate and immediately accessible in your inbox. is available on devices compatible with Android and Mac OS, and can be downloaded here.

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