Having covered how to add video to your marketing strategy, now we’ll help you tackle a video strategy that will ensure success in 2017. To stimulate your creative juices, here are answers to five easy questions:

  1. Where? Video can be used to increase engagement in several areas — human resources, product launches, outside sales and corporate communications. Identify which areas or departments will be your pillars in the new year.
  1. Who? For each pillar, identify whom you’re trying to engage? Employees? Prospects? Current clients/customers? For each audience, take the extra step to sketch out your demographics. HubSpot offers a great list of questions to ask when creating your target personas.
  1. Why? Set a goal for each video or series. Videos should accomplish these objectives:
  • Educate. Webinars and training videos usually come to mind immediately, but an  “instructional” is not the only type of video that educates. For example, during a new product launch, you might educate prospects on what it is and the value it will offer.
  • Promote. Consider using promotional videos in departments other than sales. Maybe you’re promoting employee involvement in an upcoming event or promoting your email newsletter to clients and prospects.
  • Entertain. A video with proper content can certainly fall into more than one category. In thinking about how to keep your audience engaged, be creative about ways to entertain.

As you execute your strategy, set specific goals for each video or series. Don’t miss our discussion about three questions you should ask before posting content.

  1. How? Identify how the video will be distributed. This depends primarily on your audience. In targeting prospects, you might choose social media. To target employees, you might choose email or your intranet.
  1. When? Create a production calendar. You’ve identified goals, and we’ll bet that some are timed specifically during the year. Start with “how” and work back. How much time should your video be kept in front of your audience? How long will producing it and undergoing any approval process require? Curata gives examples of 12 must-have fields to include.

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