Keys Ways to Create, Sell and Protect Your Videos

By now, you should know that digital video is king. To keep your business viable online, you must post visual content, especially video. Throughout the summer, our guest hosts have shared information to help you create, sell and protect videos. Here is a quick recap from our Smokin’ Hot Summer Series:

To begin in June, we invited Jonathan Sprinkles, The Connection Coach, to give us tips on how to increase sales and get more eyes on our videos. Every brand has a signature story. As marketers, we must find, cultivate and deliver it in a way that’s unique to our brand.

As Tiffany always says, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Sharing your story via video is one of the fastest, most effective ways to reach consumers and gain their trust.

Make sure you use a catchy headline or no one will click on your video to hear your powerful story.

In July, Toni Harris “The Turnaround Queen” joined us with tips on maximizing email campaigns by using video. Not only did she tell you how to use video to position yourself as a subject matter expert or, as she calls it, a SME — but she also gave step-by-step instructions on how to log in to Constant Contact and add videos to your campaigns.

To close out the summer, we invited attorney Heather Kubiak of The Kubiak Law Firm to provide advice on copyright law and how to protect yourself and your brand. She noted that when a work is published, it belongs to the person who created it. That song you think will go perfectly with your video might be copyrighted, and you could be sued or even go to jail for using it. You want to protect yourself and your videos.

You’ll also want to check out past episodes of our blog to take advantage of useful and valuable information that our guest hosts shared for your marketing strategy.

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