Our Small Business Summer Marketing Series is still going strong. Host Tiffany Williams and guest host Michelle Ngome are back to give you a quick recap on the hottest social media sites for businesses.

Facebook. Now that you’ve created your Facebook business page, create a social media strategy! Plan out your week to ensure consistency and foster engagement. Use applications such as Buffer and Hootsuite to automate and schedule your postings, and to streamline your digital operations. Always vary your content!

Remember that providing industry-specific tips, inspirational or motivational quotes, company branding information and personal content is a tried-and-true formula to increase engagement. Above all, make sure that your content is value-added.

Twitter. Consistency is key here, too. Begin with one post per day and ramp up. To increase your Twitter base, market to followers via other channels such as email. There is documented proof that Twitter followers help small businesses grow, so maximize your ability to propagate your brand through this channel.

LinkedIn. A strong, descriptive headline is best to distinguish your brand. That and a robust profile help people quickly identify who you are and what distinguishes you. LinkedIn is another great platform on which professionals become brand advocates by leveraging word-of-mouth and buzz.

Don’t miss the final installment of our Small Business Summer Marketing Series in September! Tiffany will explore using video to grow your business. For information about enhancing your social media strategy, email Tiffany at info@TwiceMediaProductions.com or contact Michelle at michellengome.com.