Twice Tips’ host Tiffany Williams is back this week to finish October’s series on taking control of your email inbox. This week’s topic, exclusively for Gmail users, is shortcuts that help you navigate your inbox faster without using a mouse.

According to a digital marketing maven at HubSpot, incorporating 25 Gmail keyboard strokes into your routine can save as many as 15 minutes a day, the equivalent of 60 fewer hours a year.

Here’s Tiffany’s list of the top five shortcuts to help you master your inbox:

  • “C” — Allows you to compose an email quickly.
  • “S” — Stars an email deemed important so you can revisit it.
  • “M” — Mutes an email thread that’s not of interest to you but keeps popping up. For example, if you are copied on an email thread not intended for you directly, you need not worry about viewing the thread all day.
  • “+” — Marks an email as important and trains Gmail to identify related emails as such.
  • “-” — Marks an email as unimportant and trains Gmail to recognize emails as such.

To ensure that these shortcuts are enabled, first click the “gear” icon and select “Settings.” Then under “General Tab>Keyboard>Shortcuts,” simply click “Turn on” and “Save” once in this menu.

To download a full list of Gmail shortcuts, click here.

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