Modern technology affords the opportunity to create videos quickly and publish them on social networking sites such as Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Vimeo. Viewers understand and often expect impromptu videos created by users rather than those of professional videographers to tell your personal story.

So why hire a pro if advanced technology means that you can shoot videos on mobile devices and, in some cases, even from your desktop computer? Quality production is the reason. Here are ways to help assure that:

The “Wow” Factor. Professional videographers are skilled with lighting. They invest in sophisticated equipment to vary settings so the lighting complements the setting and illuminates the subject, using a “lock exposure” feature. To maximize the video’s appearance, professionals know how to control the white balance and the way colors actually appear on the frame.

Time Investment. Videos are created in three steps — pre-production, production and post-production. When shooting their own videos, many less experienced folks breeze past the initial step directly to production, which is actually shooting the video.

The third step, editing, requires the most time — splicing video segments, adding graphics to frames, typography, animating frames with transitions and titles, and adjusting audio and volume. This can be extremely tedious, requiring extensive time to produce a quality video.

Also, uploading videos to an accessible platform or converting them to a format compatible across devices takes even more time. So why not leave editing to the experts?

Overall Value. Although professionals’ services may seem expensive, their quality video will generate more visual interest and give your brand a more polished and professional image. That will separate you from your competitors and, over time, result in better value for your brand or business.

So when is it appropriate for you to create videos rather than hire a professional?

The best examples are videos that depict client testimonials, behind-the-scenes views and offer insider or industry “quick tips.”

Professional videos work best for television commercials or long-form branded pieces such as a company overview for your website. These introduce the narrative or story of your brand to the marketplace.

A great marketing mix for your brand includes using both types of videos in your marketing strategy to increase brand recognition and reach.

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