By now, you know how important video is to your marketing strategy. Sometimes, even with limited technical knowledge, you can produce a quick video yourself and see results. At other times, when you want your brand portrayed in the most professional light, you need to hire a production company.

While hiring such firms can be costly, if you choose the right one, you know that you’ll get a great video. Below are three items to keep in mind about hiring a professional. We’ve covered this topic before, but we want to give you a bit more information.


When you watch a video, you can tell whether it’s well produced or whether the company tried doing it on the cheap. If your video is for customers to view — such as a commercial or product information — make sure it’s of the highest quality. Low-quality videos or any kind of content can turn a would-be customer into a critic.

Show that you care about the way your business is represented. A professional can make sure that the video conveys your message and keeps your brand at a premium level.

Professionals also have access to production studios, with green-screen capabilities and better quality equipment.

green screen example

Above, a green screen is being used to shoot Twice Tips, Twice Media Productions’ video blog. Videos such as this are often too expensive for business owners to create on their own.


A professional can help you craft the story you want to tell. Professionals have writers who can craft your company’s story exactly the way you want it represented. Many people believe that they are talented writers, but writing is a craft honed over time, and a poorly written script can ruin a beautiful video.

Even if you can write a great script, having a professional to review it could give you peace of mind knowing that it’s of the best quality. Before you make a final decision on a script, show it to someone who knows how to translate it for video and will be honest with you about the writing quality.


The style of camera greatly affects the end result. If you choose the DIY route, note that most smartphones shoot high-quality video. However, make sure that you understand the basics of shooting video yourself, such as how to frame a shot and the best way to capture audio. Most important is having a high-quality frame. To do so, consider getting a gimbal, which helps to stabilize a handheld camera while shooting.

iPhone stabilizer for mobile videos and photography

If you want to focus on a high-quality product, a professional will know the type of camera to use in any lighting situation.

First among many reasons to choose a DIY approach in creating your newest video is the cost. Twice Media Productions offers training workshops that teach you to shoot better videos from mobile devices.

If you decide to shoot a video yourself, do the utmost to educate yourself and your team about shooting videos on phones at high quality. While several videos can be of help, we suggest starting with this one:

If you haven’t shot video on your phone previously, this will give you a good start at doing so. If you have questions about video production or what we can do for your company video, please contact us at