Want an app that turns your mobile device into a semi-professional video camera? VideoPro Camera is the way to go. This ultra cool video-shooting app has several great features that will improve your iPhone or iPad video quality.

The digital zoom feature lets you zoom in and out while recording, and the audio feature can monitor sound in real time.

The “lock exposure” tool lets you focus lighting on a particular subject rather than losing brilliance to shadows and ambient background lighting, which happens often in auto-exposure mode.

Locking the focus enables sharp, specified camera focus on a subject in the foreground or background of the frame, rather than allowing the camera to select focus automatically. You are empowered to decide what’s important in a particular scene.

As lighting varies from setting to setting, adjusting and locking the white balance can control how colors appear and help to avoid odd color shifts.

You may also select a desired frame rate, resolution and video quality.

Finally, the app discloses the amount of remaining storage space and time elapsed, and your device’s battery expected life.

The app is available only for iPhone and iPad users and is optimized for iPhone 5.

Learn more and download VideoPro Camera at http://k2mobilevision.com.