BombBomb is a unique way to send email. It allows you to attach video to any email correspondence that you send in Gmail, Salesforce or Outlook. Attaching video, especially a personally recorded message, can increase engagement and lead to increased conversions.

BombBomb’s statistics suggest that you receive 81 percent more replies, 68 percent more generated leads and 58 percent more referrals. Such stats are a marketer’s target when trying to optimize email campaigns, and BombBomb makes adding a video component very easy.

Its mobile app allows capturing video on the go and sending it to customers on a moment’s notice. If you’re a travel company, it’s never been easier to take clips of beautiful locations, add them to an email and send them from your mobile phone. If you’ve used MailChimp, you’ll quickly understand how to use BombBomb from your mobile phone.

The rise of apps such as BombBomb shows how prominent mobile video is becoming. Capturing a moment, be it a sports highlight or news event, and being able to distribute it beautifully and quickly to your audience helps a brand stay top of mind. Ultimately, that results in more conversions/sales.