Teaching new employees the ways to work within an organization, or on-boarding, often takes place in a classroom or conference room. Some of these classes can last days or weeks, which can become very expensive over time.

There’s a lot of information for employees to remember, and if they have questions afterward, they must seek out an instructor or someone else for answers. This wastes time and money.

Companies are turning to video to fight these costs, and 59 percent use video to train new employees. While the upfront cost is slightly higher, these videos live in perpetuity. At no additional cost, every new member of an organization can view them. There’s no need to pay an instructor ever again.

This week and next, we’ll give you 10 best reasons to use video instead of instructor-led training. Here are the first five:


Producing one video that can be watched thousands of times is far less expensive than coordinating and training the same number of people.


Employees can watch videos on a mobile device or home computer at their convenience.


Video ensures that, instead of a variation, all employees receive the same messaging delivered by the same person.


As your company grows and expands, content can be recorded once and used repeatedly.


According to Nielsen, 44% of all web video is viewed at work. That’s because video is far more engaging than text- and instructor-based training. An engaged employee retains information better than one not engaged.

Next week, we’ll discuss the remaining five reasons that video training is more efficient than instructor-led training.