Attract Millennials With Visualization and Transparency

Q. What services do you offer, how long have you been established and why did you choose to focus on youth?

A. Our nonprofit, Legends Do Live, focuses on empowering and educating youth. We feel that education is the foundation of the community and influences change in other areas.

For example, if a community is disadvantaged and we help to improve its educational system, more families and businesses will move there.
Since March 3, 2016, we’ve been raising awareness and funds for today’s youth through interactive events, social media and content.

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What advice do you have for marketers looking to market to millennials? –

Make sure you study your demographic. Millennials are more complex than they’re given credit for being. Find a way to relate and interact with them. Use visually driven social-media platforms. They love sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube because they see who you are and what your brand stands for.

How has social media played a role in your marketing efforts?

It has given us a direct pipeline to our demographic. We can connect with these people immediately and frequently from multiple channels without being physically present. This helps because we’re a nonprofit and can’t be everywhere all the time. They’re always online, so engaging with them as much as possible keeps us foremost in their minds and gains their trust.


What are the best online social networks to reach millennials?

Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube. As I said, these sites are visually driven. Millennials like transparency. They want to know what your brand stands for, who you are and why they should trust and support you. Showing what’s behind the scenes or showing your team putting in the work excites millennials and brings them along for the ride.

Which social media platforms do you use most often?

Instagram and Facebook. Visualization is key to this generation. What they can actually see is important, and even more important is what they can interact with and repost.

Legends do live instagram

What are some of the common mistakes you’ve seen brands make when trying to reach millennials?

Some try to dictate, telling millennials what millennials want, instead of including them in the process. Some also try to make things too complicated. Brands should keep it simple when communicating with this demographic and make sure their products are relatable.

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How often do you make adjustments to your marketing strategy?

Not often. But we do pay attention to what our market is telling us while promoting, and we make adjustments when necessary.

Tell us about Defend, your current campaign.

It’s simple. Legends Do Live wants to raise $100,000 by the end of the 2017-2018 academic year to give graduating high school seniors a chance to enter college with scholarships, resources and more. We see a decrease in programming, resources and funds in school systems, and that negatively impacts students. That’s why this year and beyond, we will DEFEND OUR LEGENDS!

What events do you have coming up?

We have a full year planned. Visit to see what’s coming next.

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