To Attract and Retain Customers, Perfect Your Follow-Up

What services do you offer, how long have you been in business and why did you choose to focus on marketing?

My business is called Drastic Steps Marketing. I’m a motivational marketing business coach. I coach “solopreneurs” on how to become known, connected and earn six-figure pay in record time. I run a mastermind coaching program that solves key problems for entrepreneurs.

The program teaches clients how to niche-market their business, build relationships through networking, use social media and email marketing, create compelling offers, use speaking as a marketing tool and get speaking gigs. The program also deals with the isolation and lack of accountability that many entrepreneurs face when running a business solo.

Why is it important to follow up?

I chose to focus on this simply because “The Fortune Is in the Follow Up,” and this is where most solopreneurs fail. The stats tell us that it takes seven to 12 touches to turn a prospect into a customer. Most entrepreneurs give up at two or three.

I know this because I’ve been guilty in my own business. I’ve given up too soon, figuring that people didn’t like me or my service. But, in most cases, they weren’t ready. I remember following up and being able to bring a new customer into my coaching program after a year.

When I asked the customer why that happened, the answer was because we stayed connected, that I was there when the customer was ready. The point: Don’t give up on your follow-up.

Why do you think follow-up is so difficult for entrepreneurs?

Because the business owner takes it as personal rejection. If it’s my business that I built from scratch and if people say no or, worse, ignore me, then it can be taken personally. I won’t minimize these feelings. I have them myself. But if I give up, how am I going to be successful?

Following up means that you care enough about prospects to ask them to take action. If you truly believe that your product or service serves your prospects, you owe it to them not to quit on the follow-up.

What are some strategies you recommend?

Establish a system to make sure that the ball isn’t dropped in the follow-up. Here are strategies you can use to grow your business:

  • Call prospects.
  • Connect with someone at a networking event.
  • Schedule one-on-one networking appointments.
  • Schedule follow-up in a CRM system.
  • Connect with prospects on social media.
  • Comment on their posts and use graphics to stand out.
  • Send a thank-you card or note.
  • Post online articles to their walls.
  • Clip and mail articles with a note.
  • Send a trinket/promo item.
  • Add prospects to your email list.
  • Use a drip campaign to consistently follow up via autoresponder.
  • Call them when you think about them.
  • Refer someone to their business.
  • Invite them to an event.
  • Create a personalized video message.