Tips From “The Lady in Red That’s High-Energy”

What services do you offer, how long have you been in business and why did you choose to focus on motivational speaking?

I offer motivational speaking and executive coaching, and training in networking, interpersonal skills and communication through use of behavioral science assessments. This July will mark my 13th year in business.

What are three creative ways you use to connect with your audience?

  • Ask a question such as, “By a show of hands, who besides me has ever . . . ?”
  • Use a call-back technique. I tell the audience to repeat to me what I said.
  • Instruct the audience to fill in the blank, i.e., “First impressions are ______ impressions.”

How can companies improve their communication?

These might seem “no-brainers,” but you’d be amazed how often they’re not employed:

  • Look at the speaker because it helps you to stay focused on what’s being said.
  • Truly listen to what’s being said.
  • Avoid misunderstandings by clarifying that what you heard was the intended message.

What role have visual marketing tactics such as videos, photos and graphics played in your overall marketing efforts? Have they improved your visual marketing?

They’ve enhanced my overall marketing efforts. I’ve definitely seen improvement since I started using visual marketing, and it has helped me land speaking and training engagements.

On which social media platform do you see the greatest engagement?

LinkedIn, and I think it’s because my customers are business customers. Every week, I post a “Communication Tip of the Week,” and these have helped to increase my visibility and audience.

Laura Morales Communication tip
You wear a signature brand color. How did this idea originate, and how has it helped differentiate you as a speaker?

My signature brand color is red. The interesting thing is that for a long time, I didn’t even realize that it had become my brand color. But I’ve always loved it, and I wear it and/or accessorize with it on stage. It has helped to differentiate me as a speaker because people refer to me as “the lady in red that’s high-energy.”

To reach ideal clients, what are your favorite marketing channels? For instance, social media, email, networking events?

I like small social gatherings, dinners with six or eight people at which you can really connect one-on-one. I also like networking events and LinkedIn.

What common mistakes have you seen brands make when trying to connect with others?


These include not being authentic, trying to be all things to all people and not being consistent in their messaging.