For a Jump-Start, Try “She Said. She Led. She Is.”

Q) What services do you offer, how long have you been in business and why did you pick your current industry?

L’Renee & Associates is a project management consultancy firm that supports high-performing organizations by recruiting and sourcing the most qualified and certified project managers across all disciplines. We provide training and consulting for professionals from the C-Suite to the front desk.

L’Renee & Associates was founded in January 2011. I’m its founder and managing partner.

I decided to take the professional equity from being an educator, developing marketing strategies for local, national, and international brands, and managing multimillion-dollar projects, and roll them into the suite of services we offer at L’Renee & Associates.

When did you start using social media to market your business?

I started using it strategically in 2016.

Have you seen improvements in your engagement, leads, etc., since then?

Absolutely! We’ve seen an increase in engagement and have established our firm as the “Project Management EXPERTS!”

Do you have a social media strategy? If so, how has that helped you?

Yes. It enables us to be laser-focused on getting our message to the right audience with the right frequency and messaging.

What three tips can you share about marketing a business on and/or offline?

  • Money: Allocate a percentage of your revenue to market your business.
  • Medium: Determine the medium you use based on which market you want to reach.
  • Message: Understand what your expectations are so you can deliver the right message to get the results you need.

Tell us about your event named “She Said. She Led. She Is.”

The mission is to provide an exclusive community of women an opportunity to attend capacity- building workshops and engage in authentic conversation about building sustainable businesses and breaking through business barriers.

To be quite honest, I was tired of attending “pep rally” conferences that got you all fired up, feeling as if you could conquer the world and then left you wondering how the heck you were going to make it happen. Other female business owners echoed the same sentiments. I realized that if I wanted to experience something different, I had to do something different. That’s what I did. I created it!

This past year’s conference theme was “Be Disruptive!” We encouraged women not just to think outside the box but to remove it, giving them freedom to take different approaches at growing their businesses.

To jump-start the celebration, select Houston-area female CEOs were invited to participate in an exclusive Game Changers photo shoot. Think Forbes Most Powerful Women meets Oprah’s O magazine Power List!

The inaugural shoot featured fierce, fly and fabulous women self-nominated or nominated by others and recognized as game changers. They represented diverse industries including tech, construction, oil and gas, financial services, real estate, health and beauty, retail, PR and more.

Unlike many conferences after which women are inspired but still lack “the know-how or what to do,” ours provides attendees with substantive information, tangible tools and reliable resources. That empowers them to take action necessary to propel their businesses forward and disrupt and dominate their marketplaces.

We recognized seven finalists for the “Game Changer of the Year” award, and each received a cash prize.