An Expert’s Tips on Connecting with Clients

Q) What services do you offer, how long have you been in business and why did you choose to focus on connecting with people?

A) I offer keynote speeches; business consulting specifically around improving connection, engagement and performance; and I teach business people how to structure and present their pitches to close more deals.

What types of videos do you use most often?

I do live videos on Facebook and Instagram. Both reward those who play with their toys. A daily or semi-daily video helps significantly with engagement.

J.Sprinkles Videos
What are three creative ways to use video or photos to follow up after meeting someone?

I send video messages to people afterward. I make sure to discuss:

  1. What we just talked about.
  2. When they can expect to hear from me again.
  3. The major benefit that our relationship will bring to their company. It sets the stage for ensuring that they answer my call when we pursue the next steps.

What is social media’s role in your marketing efforts?

We do Facebook ads several times a week and multiple daily posts, and have a targeted strategy to reach our market on each platform.

On which social media platforms do you see the greatest engagement?

Facebook, but LinkedIn has the most “power players” interested in content we provide.

What is the No. 1 consideration when developing a brand’s signature story?

You must know what values resonate most with your core audience. For example, in some industries, people esteem high quality. In others, it’s superior service. Research what matters most to your community and wrap your “hero’s journey” around it.

You spend significant time teaching storytelling at your biannual event, Presentation Power. Can you share tips from the workshop?

Storytelling is the most important part of proliferating your brand. A good story should resonate emotionally, be remembered and be repeatable. When you create an emotional connection to your story, people can’t wait to tell others about you!

To reach your ideal clients, what are your favorite marketing channels, e.g, social media, email, networking events, etc.?

I love using technology in unique ways. I send lots of short videos to clients and prospects. Video is the best source for creating an emotional connection with people. They can see and hear you, which makes it easier for nuances like tone of voice or a laugh to resonate with them. It takes only one minute, but the effects are priceless for your relationships.

What are some common mistakes you’ve seen brands make when trying to connect with others?

People make too much of their marketing about themselves, not the client. This results in disingenuous campaigns, such as sending a thank-you note with a business card attached or mugs with your logo as Christmas gifts. This says, “This is my way of making you keep more of my stuff around you in your office.” Great marketing serves people, solves problems and sets you apart from your competitors.