Enhance Your Brand Visually and With a Human Touch


Q) What is your role at LIMB Design, and how long have you been in the industry?

I’m the business architect + brand strategist, which allows me to build brand worlds through all touch points — people, print and digital experiences. I’ve been in the industry since 2001.

What types of services does LIMB Design offer?

We are storytellers specializing in connecting humans to brand experiences. We accomplish this through an in-depth discovery or through our brand therapy session, strategy, identity, digital solutions and then impact. While what we do is often seen just as design, logo or website, the deliverable is only one part of the overall brand strategy.

How do branding and design work together?

Design helps to define a brand through visual language. Wherever you look, it was intentionally put there by a designer executing on a strategy.



How important is it that brands develop a brand strategy?

As important as having a roadmap for getting from point A to point B. Implementing a strategy takes time, and there is never a time when everything goes according to plan.

The strategy should be a view of what you want to accomplish with your brand over the course of a year and sometimes longer. Then specific deliverables should be executed on shorter timelines.

What are three quick tips that companies should consider when they’re ready to start their brand strategy?

  • Have the manpower internally and time to allocate the resources to execute the plan.
  • Partner with the right firm to execute the strategy, not just give you deliverables.
  • Ask lots of questions about the process, timeline and what the final deliverables will be.

How do you define “brand definition” and its importance to businesses?

I love this question! If you don’t drill down to the true definition of what your service or product is, you have no brand. You are just another product or service floating among other products or services that claim to be “innovative,” “cutting-edge,” etc.

If you have to use marketing lingo to validate your business, you’re not drilling down to the value of what you offer.

I should know in three seconds what you do. I should also know what I’m buying. This is ultimately your brand definition that should be validated by your brand strategy and communicating your position in the market.

What advice can you share about connecting with people “behind the brand”?

More than ever in a world in which technology gives us access, we are demanding to know the honest stories behind brands. We want to know stories we can relate to and that ultimately make us, as consumers, choose to buy into a brand. We want to see the human side of brands and should demand that they be more human.


How do branding and design tie into a company’s overall marketing/advertising efforts?

There is no marketing/advertising without branding. Design is the visual tool to market/advertise your brand.

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