After three weeks discussing copyright, fair use and how to avoid infringing on a copyright, we now look at how to protect your work from illegal use by others. After you complete a video, think about how you want it used. Do you want it shared or just seen by a couple of clients? Because it’s your work, it’s your right to choose.

Remember that as soon as you complete a video, what you created and wasn’t already in the public domain is copyrighted. Although you’re not required to mark it as such, do so. Include the year and your contact information so anyone who wants to use your video will know how to contact you. To see how Twice Media Productions protects its videos, pay attention to the end of any Twice Tips episode.

If you want to protect your video through the court, you must register it by completing an application and paying a fee to the United States Copyright Office.

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If you upload your video to social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, be aware that you forfeit several copyright protections. Be sure to read terms of service closely. If your video is to be used for promotional purposes, you may not want to prevent people from sharing.

If you have questions about what’s OK to include in a video you’re creating or how to protect something you’ve already made, visit Heather Kubiak’s blog at

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