Wrapping up this month’s Twice Tips, Tiffany offers best practices to take your business to the next level by using the latest trends in technology and marketing. What’s hot now? It’s incorporating micro-videos (visual content) into your overall strategy.

These are short-form videos published to social media platforms such as Vine, Periscope and Instagram. Last week, Tiffany advised creating a content calendar to outline your marketing efforts for 2016. Why not incorporate video into this strategy to increase traffic to your website and maximize search engine optimization? Benefits of micro-video content include:


Studies show that millennials don’t want to be “sold to” but would rather obtain product information from their sphere of influence to help make purchase decisions. Because of its authenticity, micro-video is a raw, unedited and unscripted tool proven to reach this audience. It’s also easily executed via a mobile device.

Highly Shareable Content

A video six to 10 seconds long is best to reach your target audience whose time is limited. Busy people demand quick, digestible bits of information. A plus: This format is easily shareable not only on the platforms cited above but also on Facebook. Look at Nabisco’s short, simple how-to video highlighting its Oreo brand on Vine.com.

Driving Traffic

Incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy is a no-brainer. With introduction of innovative ways to reach consumers, studies have proven that engaging content, particularly visual, is king. As audiences engage with your brand, they naturally seek more information about it via your website or Google.

Check out one of GoPro’s award-winning Instagram videos, which has driven millions of people to its site and helped to produce record sales in 2014.

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