We talked last week about writing the best titles to attract more eyes to your videos. This week, we highlight best ways to close out a sales video.

If you have a strong opening, engaging content and viewers have watched till the end, you’ve created a great opportunity to add them to your sales funnel. In ending your video, remember these tips:

  • Show Results — Make sure that your audience has all relevant information and understands the overall message. What your product or service delivers — results and/or solutions — must be clear. Also be sure to highlight the value your product or service brings to the viewer because that will be your strongest selling point.
  • Reiterate Key Takeaways — Restate the video’s key points. This helps to tie everything together, helps those who might have missed something and helps to produce a clean and natural ending.
  • Request What You Want — The final part of the video should focus on inducing viewers to take action. Ask them to perform a task such as “sign up for a service” or “call to order a product.” The call to action (CTA) should be clear and concise so viewers know exactly what to do. Here is a list of popular CTAs.

Now that you know how to open and close a sales video successfully, next week we’ll discuss mistakes that you would never want to get caught making on camera.