Maximize Your Reach with Facebook Ads

In building your ad campaign, you probably have a social media component. To reach potential new customers, many brands go to Facebook, which has about 1.5 billion monthly users, all of which you could reach.

It’s important to note, however, that even if you have a Facebook page and attract a million followers, you must take a further step and “boost” your entries so all those followers see them. Here are the best ways for reaching your ideal audience:

  • Begin by going to Facebook Ads Manager and selecting your Pages account. At the top right is a green button that says “Create Ad.” Click there to begin building ads.
  • Before the next step, clarify who your customer is. Perhaps you want the ads seen by boys and men ages 15 to 22 in California and parents who live in the New York City area. Since you can target only people on mobile devices, they are popular among businesses trying to attract new app downloads. Once you know your customer, you can begin building ad segments.
  • Facebook will prompt you to choose your ad’s goal. Decide if you want to “Send People To Your Website,” Boost A Post” or “Promote Your Page.” Then, select “Set Ad and Budget.”
  • Now choose all variables that best reflect your customer. Only people matching these variables will be able to see your ad. Study all the options and become familiar with every way you can segment your ads. If you’ll run this ad many times, consider saving it as a custom audience so you don’t have to repeat this process.
  • Decide how much to spend each day. For your first ad, we suggest $20-$50 so you can determine how effective your ad is. You’ll likely want to make changes to your audience when you see how each ad performed. Try starting with PPC (pay-per-click) so you’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Finally, choose ad creative. Make sure your photos are beautiful and engaging. Limit text and make it relevant to your website. You’ll be prompted to write short text. For best results, write to grab customers’ attention. Select platforms such as Desktop Newsfeed, Instagram and Mobile. These will preview the ad platform so you see how it will look.

As you use these initial steps in building a Facebook campaign, you’ll learn more advanced techniques on focusing campaigns to specific customers. Best of luck with this powerful tool!