Twice Tips continues this month with the Small Business Summer Series. Throughout August, Twice Tips’ host Tiffany L. Williams and guest host Michelle Ngome will discuss social media and best ways to leverage each platform and make your business goals a success. This week’s focus is Twitter.

Consistency is key. To stay connected and keep followers engaged with your brand, you must tweet regularly. Whether once daily or every few days, pick a time each day to engage on social media. As we noted earlier in the Twice Tips video series, great apps like Buffer, Hootsuite and Crowdfire allow you to schedule your broadcasts in advance and, in a sense, “automate” your social media engagement.

Brand yourself. It’s essential to create a hashtag for your brand or entity. This not only enhances brand recognition but also helps to attract new audiences to your social media pages. For example, pairing #twicemediaproductions with #visualcontent or #thinkvisual may lead a potential client to your page through searches on that social media platform.

Join chat groups. Another great way to build your audience and increase engagement on Twitter is to join a Twitter Chat group, in which people worldwide can have a conversation within the group or “thread” based on a hashtag. Visit to view selected topics and join a group that’s relevant to your industry.

Watch for next week’s installment on how to use LinkedIn. Email Tiffany at Twice Media Productions or visit if you have questions about using Twitter for business.