After creating a stellar video, ensuring that it’s presented to your target audience is critical. Creating a distribution strategy to increase its reach across multiple platforms and maximize its effect will achieve your campaign’s desired results. Here are complementing platforms that integrate this strategy:

Your Website. After your video is converted to a format for embedding in multiple digital platforms, start with your business or brand website. The key is to drive engagement and make your website interactive. Redirecting traffic to the site as a landing page to view your video is a smart way to prompt your audience to view other pages there.

A video can be embedded on your home page as a “company overview,” or you can create a “behind-the-scenes” video for your “About Us” page. Twice Media Productions’ introductory video on the home page is a great example of drawing viewers to its brand and enticing them to explore the full site.

Social Media. YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook work well for viewing videos on desktop computers and mobile devices. To remove the headache associated with loading and buffering, the video format will be compressed automatically and converted upon upload.

These social networking outlets can reach a wide audience with the correct tags and descriptions attached to the video for search engine optimization. According to a Pew Research poll, 63 percent of internet users use YouTube.

Email. One of the most effective tools to reach your target audience is email. Using an email service is smart and efficient with its user-friendly tools and templates that help to optimize your video’s appearance and increase visual interest of emails. A thumbnail of your video embedded in the email attracts viewers and increases click-thru rates.

Place of Business. Posting a video slideshow in your lobby or at any brick-and-mortar location where your brand is showcased (i.e., a trade show) is a powerful tool to educate viewers and increase brand awareness.

Bonus Tip: Creating multiple branded videos or a video series not only increases consistent engagement and brand visibility all year, but also builds rapport and trust with prospective clients.

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