Michelle Ngome, our Twice Tips guest host this week, brings her social networking expertise to help strengthen your professional connections on LinkedIn, the popular social media platform. She shares these tips about using LinkedIn to its greatest potential:

Start with a strong headline. What does the head say about you? Use keywords that are strong, creative and descriptive. This allows people to identify you, your job title and what you’re known for. For example, Michelle’s LinkedIn headline is “Michelle Ngome Networking Coach.” That tells viewers immediately who she is and what she does.

Begin with a strategy. Thinking of purchasing LinkedIn Premium? If so, plan ahead. People often want to use that service to find a contact outside their current network. Instead of upgrading, ask for an introduction to a contact and then thoroughly search your target’s profile to find an email address.

Maximize your resources. If you decide that you must test Premium for 30 days, refine your strategy — identify your ultimate goal and determine what contacts you need and how they can help you. Use the 30-day period to accomplish your objectives — either free during the trial, which can be cancelled at any time, or for a nominal fee if purchased.

These tips should allow you to become a better “social networker” on LinkedIn.

Questions? Email Tiffany Williams at info@twicemediaproductions.com or visit michellengome.com for more information.