In this last installment of our Small Business Summer Series, Twice Tips host Tiffany Williams discusses Periscope, the new Web phenomenon. Launched in March 2015 as part of Twitter’s platform, Periscope is at the center of the new frontier in social media, providing an inside view into brands and businesses.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a free video-based, live streaming app. You can use it to publish the content directly to viewers’ mobile devices. What makes Periscope revolutionary? Previously, users paid a large fee for live broadcasting services. Now those services are available free with a Twitter account.

How can I capitalize on Periscope for my business or brand?

Since Periscope is a live stream, clients and prospects get an engaging, authentic look into your brand or business. This gives your brand a personal touch that builds rapport, trust and loyalty with clients. Great examples include a behind-the scenes streaming session or an on-the-spot customer satisfaction testimonial. Periscope can also be used to build buzz and momentum for a new service or product line launch.

How does Periscope work?

Videos of the live stream are available for 24 hours after initially airing. When a Periscope session ends, Twitter sends a tweet to your followers to promote the session, which can be shared across multiple social media platforms to widen reach and visibility. Videos can be saved to your device for subsequent publishing.

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