It’s no secret that video is essential to your marketing strategy. In recent years, it has become increasingly prominent on platforms across the web. In January 2015, Facebook reported receiving 3 billion daily video views. By November, that number had soared to 8 billion.

Consumers want video, and Facebook didn’t waste time making its video offerings more attractive to marketers.Facebook added a variety of new features that can increase organic reach, generate buzz and help marketers drive home their branding objectives.

Live Video

The days of needing a multimillion-dollar advertising budget to broadcast videos live have ended. Social sites such as Meerkat and Periscope made live-streaming possible from the palm of your hand. Now you can go live from Facebook. As with other live-streaming apps, you can see the number of live viewers, usernames of those watching and a real-time stream of comments. When you finish your broadcast, it saves to your Timeline like any other video.

Embedded Video

In March 2015, Facebook started allowing users to embed its videos on other sites. You no longer have to use a site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Now you can upload your video to Facebook and embed it directly onto your website. You can also provide your embed code, enabling others to embed your video on their website or blog and expanding your reach further.

Native Video 

Facebook native video lets users upload videos directly to its site. This appeals to marketers because these videos auto-play within customers’ news feeds. More people are likely to view your brand’s video because Facebook gives priority to videos uploaded natively to its site.

Video Profiles

Snapchat was first to offer moving profile photos with its Snapcodes, but Facebook didn’t fall far behind. Now users can make their profile photo move with a seven-second looping video that plays automatically. Brands that find creative ways to use this feature can potentially increase time spent viewing their profiles.