**NOTE: For the full, 360-degree viewing experience, open today’s episode in your YouTube app and turn and tilt your mobile device. If you’re viewing from a desktop or laptop, click the arrows at the top left corner of the YouTube video player. Not all browsers support 360 video. Use Chrome or FireFox for best results. ENJOY!

When planning your digital media assets calendar, consider alternative styles of video. GIFs have become very popular. They are short and easy to consume, but you may also want a more immersive experience for your viewers. 360-degree video, which simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene, is very cutting edge and in its infancy.

Capturing 360 video used to be extremely difficult, but GoPro recently released a video add-on that makes taking and editing this footage very easy. The GoPro Spherical and Ricoh Theta S Spherical, which we used to record today’s Twice Tips episode, are simple to use and allow any brand or digital marketer to give customers a unique viewing experience.

There are a small number of platforms that support 360 video. Google and Facebook are two of the biggest companies to offer a 360 viewing experience. Many brands haven’t discovered this trend, but those that have are experiencing significant increases in engagement. The videos provide a new, interactive way to seize and hold the attention of potential customers.

Faraday Future

This vehicle design company released a 360 video that allows the viewer to experience its newest concept from the driver’s seat. Look at this and explore the possibilities of 360 video. The ability to let users interact with content and control what they see provides a very memorable digital experience.


BuzzFeed, the king of viral content which boasts six billion monthly views, interviewed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and gave a video tour of the company’s offices. Microsoft loved this because it could show off HoloLens, its newest augmented reality device, and BuzzFeed landed one of its best interviews — all presented interactively for the viewer.

360-degree video is one of the newest trends in digital video. Developments and enhancements are happening at rapid speed. Who knows where the technology will go from here. The important thing is that your brand is headed in the right direction.

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