By now, you should know that video is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Just as you plan out your email campaigns, events and promotions, you should do the same for video.

Look at the 2016 calendar, note all upcoming holidays and jot down events you plan to have or attend, promotions you plan to run, marketing campaigns you want to launch, etc. Once you’ve identified the things you know will happen, find ways to include video. Here are a few suggestions to start:


If your firm has events or attends others’ throughout the year, you can incorporate video several ways. You can create a video to promote the event, a behind-the-scenes one preceding or during the event — using a live broadcasting app such as Periscope or Facebook — or capture coverage of the event and release a recap for future promotions. Or you could do all three.


The same holidays occur every year. Many businesses already plan special promotions or sales during holidays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day. Why not produce a video to supplement these promotional efforts? You could also send one simply wishing someone a Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving. Sending a video to wish clients well keeps you top of mind and shows that you’re not always trying to sell them something.


One of the most obvious milestones a business can reach is its anniversary. Whether celebrating one year or 50, brands should share this experience with customers and thank them for their part in making it happen. Other milestones such as expanding into global markets or enhancing customer satisfaction can also be celebrated with customers. Although these goals may be internal, your client base wants to share in these victories, too.

Once you’ve identified video opportunities for the year, you can always produce more, such as a client testimonial, an impromptu CEO or president message or a new product or service demo. Planning ahead of time lays the foundation, giving you a jump start for the year.

Ready to start your video marketing strategy? Download our free video content calendar worksheet.