Devising a marketing strategy? Think mobile

When chief marketing officers plan a 360 campaign, they must consider all the places where their consumers will consume content. Usually, magazines, television, billboards, newspapers and the Internet are involved.

Recently, Internet usage has shifted dramatically from desktops to mobile devices. More than 50 percent of all such traffic is now on mobile, and if you want a successful campaign, ignoring mobile means that you’re missing lots of potential customers.

Brands and large companies should plan campaigns with an emphasis on mobile content. Trends in mobile video consumption show that consumers engage with a video in nearly 40 percent of mobile sessions. This adds up to hours of video content in a week.

Data show that video consumption on a mobile device works best when the video is short, concise and about one minute long. Create content longer than two minutes, and you risk losing the viewer’s interest.

One of the best brands using mobile video to its advantage is Home Depot. Visit its very educational video home page, which teaches, for instance, how to paint a room or measure for a refrigerator. People planning to remodel a home find such information incredibly useful.

Home Depot knows its consumers and offers bite-size information they can consume in line at the store or during their commute. When they decide to buy, Home Depot will get their business.