Tiffany and Twice Tips return this month with ways to market to your clients and prospects during the holiday season. This week, Tiffany offers tips on keeping your brand front and center.

Holiday Sale, Anyone?

Everyone loves a sale, a great magnet to attract prospective customers to your brand or company. With accessible platforms such as Facebook and Instagram at your disposal, why not create a buying frenzy using digital coupons or sponsored ads?

What was formerly off-limits to the general public is now available as a highly effective marketing tool for all brands, not just major worldwide ones. Here’s an example of a small, independent jewelry line targeting “Cyber Monday” on Instagram to generate sales and buzz.

Holiday Visuals

Create a holiday-themed video quickly on Periscope or Facebook using your mobile device and share it with your followers. Today’s consumer is all about authentic, grass-roots marketing.

Upload an impromptu, unscripted and unedited video related to your brand to turn prospects into brand ambassadors. The theme can be warm and fuzzy or pure comedy. Major brands such as Starbucks are well known for capitalizing on holidays and current events.

Holiday Expressions

The holiday season is a great time to show heartfelt appreciation to your clients. Send branded thank-you cards or gift baskets to show how much you appreciate their business. This is another great way to stay top of mind with clients as they enter a new year of business.

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