The Twice Team hosts a range of workshops that include video marketing and social and mobile media, and we often hear similar questions. To help take your marketing strategy a step further, here are answers to one frequently asked question from each of our top three workshops.

Q. Video Marketing: “How often should I post videos online?”

This varies from platform to platform, but post as often as your budget or time allow. On social media sites, especially visually driven sites such as Instagram and Vine, we suggest posting informal videos between six and 60 seconds long weekly or monthly.

On your website, posting a professional video monthly or quarterly can increase traffic. A few types to consider are a behind-the-scenes piece, one of an event, a client testimonial or a company overview.

Posting video content regularly and strategically helps you become more easily searched on Google and can increase your overall Web presence.

Q. Social Media: “How do I grow my audience?”

Don’t treat all social media sites alike. Research platforms that your customers use most frequently and then post content relevant to them and their needs.

Avoid overly promotional posts. Not everyone enjoys being the target of a sales pitch. In January, Facebook began using an algorithm to hide posts that use overly promotional language such as “Buy now” or “Be sure to tune in at 8 p.m.”

People want to see content that’s informative, engaging or relevant to their industry or business. When they look to your brand’s Web page as a trusted resource, they’re more likely to share and comment on your posts. Just be sure to respond. Consumers don’t enjoy being ignored.

Q. Mobile Media: “How do I incorporate apps that Twice Media discusses into my everyday workflow?”

Choose one app to start. Select the task or tasks that need streamlining and match it to one of the apps we suggest during our workshops. Use it for one week to see how you like it. As it becomes more familiar, you’ll probably find more opportunities to use it day to day. Then you can begin integrating some of our other recommended apps.

The key is to be consistent in using the apps. In no time, your work day will be more efficient!

Did we miss something? If you have a question about any of these topics, email us and include “FAQs” in the subject line.

Our next mobile media workshop is scheduled Saturday at Twice Media Productions’ office. The next social media workshop is slated next Tuesday in partnership with SCORE Houston at Kingdom Builders’ Center, 6011 W. Orem Dr., Houston, TX 77085.

See you there!