We’re already almost halfway into October, and holidays are around the corner. Many brands are known for running holiday-themed ad campaigns, playing holiday tunes in stores or having mega doorbuster sales. For your brand, this is the perfect time to reconnect with customers and engage prospects.

Here are four quick ways you can use the power of video to do just that:

  • A holiday party recap. If your company hosts an annual holiday party or other major event, capturing it on video not only preserves memories of the current year but also helps to encourage more people to attend next year. Post it to your social media pages, email it as a thank-you to attendees and repost it to promote events for future years.
  • A seasons-greetings or feel-good video. Having your employees offer holiday wishes in unison might be cute on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. But to really engage with customers, be more creative. Sending a video of your employees sharing their happiest holiday memories or one that highlights your work in the community are ways to showcase your brand while spreading holiday cheer.

In 2013, Canadian airline company, WestJet, teamed with airports and retailers to pull off a  “Christmas Miracle” for some of its passengers.

  • A year-end recap or a what’s-next video. Sharing highlights of your year or announcing big plans for 2018 can give customers and potential customers a glimpse into you as a brand. Show a few memorable moments from 2017 and offer hints about new products you’ll launch or events you’ll host next year. Year’s end is great for remembering what was and looking forward to what will be.
  • A thank-you video. Depicting gratitude to employees and customers is a nice way to close the year. People love feeling appreciated, and no business can prosper without either group. Capture senior managers saying thank-you on a smartphone or hire a video company to produce a professional account of employees thanking customers in a fun way. If you’re a nonprofit, send donors a video showcasing people whom their contributions have supported.

Whatever type of video you create, make sure that it’s authentic and heartfelt. Year-end holidays are about giving back and spreading cheer. Your video should make people feel something. They’ll appreciate you for it and want to continue their business relationship with you.

As acclaimed poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou said, “. . . people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou Quote