In this week’s episode of the Small Business Summer Marketing Series, Twice Tips host Tiffany Williams discusses Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform. She walks you through how to establish and maintain a Facebook page for your business.

Step 1: Create a page. Visit On your new page, add information about your company or brand. Be sure to customize the page with your branding + identity (company logo), slogan, website address, contacts and other pertinent information that distinguishes your brand from the rest.

Step 2: Invite followers. After establishing your business page and adding relevant content about your brand, invite people to “Like” your page or to “Follow” you. If you have a personal Facebook profile, simply invite your connections to follow your business page.

Another creative way to attract followers to your page is via email. Create an email newsletter and embed a link that takes subscribers to your page. If you have an email service like Constant Contact, the templates make it very easy to “share” your page or link to all of your digital platforms, including social media networks and your company’s website.

Step 3: Create engaging content. Doing this is essential to acquiring more followers and visibility. The best way to engage with followers on social media networks is to post value-added content, examples of which include industry-related tips or other information that would benefit your audience. For instance, real estate agents can post tips on how to buy a home, and a credit union can help to navigate the process of buying a vehicle.

Other examples of great content include motivational quotes and visuals that personalize your brand for followers. The ideal ratio, according to expert sources, is 50 percent tips, 30 percent inspirational quotes and 20 percent personal content. This ratio has been proven effective in building trust and loyalty with followers and prospects.

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