Tiffany Williams and Toni Harris recap the Small Business Summer Marketing Series on email marketing with these quick tips for targeting your audience:

Email marketing is effective in connecting with clients and prospects. Because so many people use email, it’s a great tool to ensure that you’re reaching them and conveying your message. The key is to stay top-of-mind with your prospects, and email helps you do just that. See Twice Tips Episode 15 for more tips.

Visual content is crucial to keep your audience engaged. Videos and images are great tools and, in many cases, have a broader appeal than text or copy. Tiffany discusses ways to keep your audience visually stimulated in Episode 16.

Reporting tools are a must-have for business owners. Your email open, clickthrough and bounce rates are critical in assessing who’s engaging with your marketing strategy. Once you determine what works and what doesn’t, you can make proper adjustments. Guest host Toni discusses her top three strategies to engage prospects in Episode 17.

Don’t forget that Twice Media Productions is a certified local expert with Constant Contact, a great platform enabling TMP to execute successful email marketing campaigns that feature engaging visual content and tracking metrics.

In August, the Small Business Summer Marketing Series continues with a discussion on social media marketing. Guest host Michelle Ngome will help Tiffany highlight the most popular social media platforms. They’ll explore integrating social media into your current marketing strategy to take your digital presence to the next level.