This week, Toni Harris, our Twice Tips guest host, explores how to go beyond enhancing visuals to create engaging content in email marketing. She offers three proven tips to ensure that your audiences stay engaged and return repeatedly.

Content Measures. How do you know how much content or copy to use? Toni says keep it short and concise. People are extraordinarily busy. Who has time to wade through paragraphs to find the point? The best rule of thumb for length of text or copy is 300 words or fewer. When offering tips, stick with one per email so your audience won’t be overwhelmed.

Subject Matter. When emailing, it’s critical to create a compelling subject line that perks readers’ interest. Studies show that users take only a few seconds to decide whether to open emails, so choose subject lines wisely. A call to action or an open-ended question are great teasers that entice email users to click “open.”

Success Metrics. How do you know that you’re reaching your target audience and that your message has been conveyed? Several reporting tools are available via email marketing services such as Constant Contact. These provide open rates, click-throughs and subscription list bounces. These types of metrics let you glimpse whether your current strategy is working or needs tweaking.

Email Tiffany at or contact Toni Harris if you have questions about improving your email engagement strategies.