As a marketing executive, you must increasingly juggle many aspects of a campaign, including content, search engine optimization and management, creative, print and social media. Through each of these verticals, it’s imperative that your messaging and branding be consistent and tell your brand’s story effectively.

Reusing your creative media through each outlet is also cost-effective. Consider how photos may be used in a print campaign and be attached in tweets. Do this with all kinds of media:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • .GIFs
  • Music

Each of these can be shared across your posts in Twitter, Facebook or your blog. Twitter recently allowed adding videos and music in a tweet, along with live streaming through the Periscope app. Before you post, think about how each of these can extend your brand to your audience.

It’s also very important to attach media to many, if not all, posts on social media, Tumblr or anywhere else your audience congregates. Take a moment to look at ESPN’s Twitter feed, which has one of the most engaged audiences on social media.

ESPN rarely tweets without a photo, statistic, quote or video. Studies show that including a photo in a tweet increases engagement at a rate five times higher than that for text-only.

Each piece of media attached to social media posts should be relevant to the text or link in the post. This works so well, especially in conjunction with a link to a blog post.

For instance, if the blog post is about social media engagement, attach a chart to grab followers’ attention visually. The post then becomes more likely to gain a follower, be retweeted or be liked.

Engagement is brands’ battlefield for consumers’ attention. Make sure you’re not being left behind.